Since 2005 I have built and maintained many ponds, waterfalls, swimming ponds and in particular, koi ponds.

Being a koi keeper myself I am very engaged in water quality and all the technical aspects (pumps, filtration, UV lights) when I build a koi pond.

All my water features are very natural looking, made with black lava rocks and invisible (colored) concrete. All rocks are lava rocks and purchased from the ranch.  No “wild” rock harvest!

At all times the water stays natural and available to all animals like birds, dragon flies, bees, lady bugs and many more, a whole biotope…


I know what koi like and need when I build a koi pond : Excellent filtration and UV light ensure   clear water,  the whole pond volume is filtered once per hour and there should be an  under water current .

Each pond is individually different , reacts and establishes individually different , specially in the first year.

All  water features are lined with FIRESTONE EPDM  liner, which is a 45 mil rubber liner, underlined with Geotech fabric to protect the liner. Over the rubber liner I apply a  2” layer of concrete which protects  against puncture or cuts .

All rocks are lava rocks and purchased from the ranch. No “wild” rock harvest!

Also I  offer  the  design and installation of the entire landscape around the water feature with the necessary irrigation.  The rain forest character  very much gives a natural feel as if this has been there forever…     moss, lots of orchids,  ferns…


Regular service and pond cleaning provided  by agreement .

 I service also pumps, filters and UV lights.
If it is algae green water or a lot of mud, I  apply  water treatment  for algae and clean the mud  with a pond vacuum cleaner.

Also I offer extensive water testing for  pH, salinity, ammonia, nitrite and  phosphate. This ensures high water quality and happy koi.