About Sindhu

Growing tilapia , aqua culture  or irrigating the veggie garden  with the water of the fish pond as well  as  swimming in a  chlorine free water with little fish  :  all those emerging trends of the last few years are showing  how many purposes  and uses a  water feature can have . But I must say , most people want them for their  sheer beauty and the sound of running water.

In  Feng Shue a waterfall  at the right place   transforms the whole  atmosphere and also takes  your attention away  from unwanted noises like traffic or machines.

Or in real estate terms   :  a great water feature increases the property value  and the chances of selling.

The gardener –my background –  builds a pond to attract  all the beneficial insects to protect my veggie garden against the bad bugs  :   lady bugs , dragon flies,  hover flies  etc and not to forget all the birds that will enjoy the rare presence of water !!


The Technical Part :

Cheap  equipment shows cheap results and can kill  your fishes in the worst case . I prefer to work only with high efficiency pumps and the best filters and UV lights. That keeps the regular maintenance on a minimum and the health of your pond at a maximum.

I will provide monthly maintenance when required .

The Landscape Around The Water Feature

Many people like  plants and rocks around the pond that are in harmony  and fit .  I can  design  and build  customized  environments including specific irrigation. From rock-scapes  with succulents  or orchids  to rain forest scenes,  there are lots of possibilities.