Arriving from Germany in 1986 on the Big Island of Hawai’i , I moved to Maui in 1990 .

My start on Maui was landscaping and evolved to building organic veggie gardens ( for  Peter Baldwin and John Baldwin among others) and maintaining them as well. All  gardens I built had little ponds for  organic pest control .

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1999 I started a fragrant organic rose farm in Kula by the name  Incredible Roses , selling in Hanzawa’s Store in Haiku.
When land owners changed I closed the farm in 2005 and build my first big waterfalls .  They turned out to be really  natural looking and it was the beginning of UPCOUNTRY  WATER  FEATURES  ( 2005)

After building many ponds , water falls as well as swimming ponds I  fell in love with koi and  got really into koi ponds and their needs and requirements . 

Now I   build  koi ponds  and  also do the regular maintenance …